Imf Genova

VIII Edition July 12th - 15th 2018

Banda Musicale “Città di Avola”


Italy - Avola

In 1996 M° Sebastiano Bell’Arte founded the Associazione A.L.MUS. (Avola Laboratorio Musicale) a music school for wind and percussion instruments, creating the base for the birth of the Banda di Avola directed by Maestri Falbo and Tarantino. In July 2002 the band published its first CD ‘A Banna! for the publishing company FELMAY with the production of Roy Paci and Fabio Barovero.
In May 2006, to celebrate 10 years of foundation the band has a concert in Avola in Piazza Umberto I with Roy Paci and the saxophone Carlo Actis Dato. In October 2006 the Banda di Avola participate to the SLOWNIGHT event with a big prade through Torino central streets in occasion of the International ‘Salone del Gusto e della Festa di Terra Madre’. In Summer 2007 had a concert in Avola with the sicilian singer Lello Analfino, voice of the group Tinturia. In August 2008 the band is invited by Roy Paci at the Sikula Reggae Festival in occasion of the 10th year of the project Roy Paci & Aretuska. Their exhibition is the DVD Bestiario Siciliano.
In 2009 start the collaboration with the singer-songwriter Mirco Menna. In July of 2009 the band has a concert with the singer at the Rocca Sforzesca at Imola for the XXIV edition of the Cross Over Jazz Festival and registered at the Vittorio Emanuele theater in Noto the cd “…e l’italiano ride” published in February 2010 and produced by Barovero for the publishing company Felmay and distributed by EgeaMusic.
In April 2010 Banda di Avola registered at the recording room La Posada Negro in Lecce 7 pieces written by Roy Paci for the soundtrack of the Film “Ristabbanna” by Gianni Cardillo and Daniele De Plano, presented in 2011 at the XIV edition of Shanghai international festival. In 2011 in occasion of the 150° of Italy Union Banda di Avola plays in Milano at Piazza della Scala in the event Suoni delle Regioni d’Italia – Sound form Italian Regions – representing the Sicilia Region.
In 2012 start the collaboration between Banda di Avola and the Sicilian singer Rita Botto. Together reworked on some traditional Sicilian music pieces and had a concert in occasion of the ‘Notte di Giufà’ in Noto. Then the idea to record at Teatro Garibaldi of Avola the cd “Terra can un senti”. The cd produced by Roy Tarrant for the publishing company Recording Arts has 12 pieces from the Sicilian traditional music.