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VIII Edition July 12th - 15th 2018

Banda di Santo Stefano d’Aveto


Italy - Santo Stefano d'Aveto

Santo Stefano d’Aveto band was born in 1865 after the Crimean War: a bersagliere of Lamarmora, returning after his feats in the Black Sea, brought with him also his trumpet. Shortly after, together with a tiny group of enthusiasts, founded the band. It had a rapid development and put strong roots finding fertile ground in the local population that had a natural inclination for music. The initial group, handing down from father to son the passion for music, grew and developed with changing fortunes, alternating periods of particular prosperity to moments of stasis. Still today the band continues its activity performing in concerts where join up various musical genres. From 1988 the band is flanked by the polyphonic choir, a reality that today has conquered its autonomy and its space, boasting a various repertoire: sacred music, popular music, opera music, gospel, renaissance pieces, famous soundtracks and not least christmas songs. The Music Training School allows to ensure a future for the band: willing young people who tests themselves with the world of notes and who can find in this way their space in the band and choir rows.
Our association it’s not profit making and its aim is to promulgate the forms and the culture of music. For this purpose we organize solfège courses, singing classes, recitals and shows, whether with the participation of the individual components or concerts where band and chorus join in one great formation proposing a programme ranging from opera pieces to popular music.
The main public activities in which the band is engaged during the year are:
– Services, in recurrence of civil and religious festivities (religious celebrations, inaugurations, Alpine Gatherings, etc.)
– Events, organized by the Musical Ensemble or by other associations and proloco or participations in events (we organize annually the Festival Appennino in musica and participate in meetings and festivals organized by other bands).
The band also offers themed concerts for Christmas and Easter holidays and for children. Our repertoire ranges from opera pieces to pop music, from sacred music to soundtracks, swing and latin, and is directed by Davide Pedrazzi.
The choir is committed during the year in various religious and popular events, often animates religious celebrations and celebrations of communions, confirmations and weddings. However, in addition to the pieces of sacred music, gospel and spirituals, that are the protagonists of the Easter and Mariani concerts, it has an extensive repertoire of popular music, renaissance pieces and some pieces of operatic music transcribed for choir and band. From 2015 the director of the choir is Sofia Fattore.
The school aims to bring the younger levers closer to the world of band and choral music, has as a firm point the social aggregation and wants to instill to the kids the importance of being, studying, playing together to grow together.