Imf Genova

VIII Edition July 12th - 15th 2018

Complesso bandistico Prosek


Italy - Trieste

The Complesso bandistico Godbeno društvo Prosek is the expression of the Slovenian ethnic minority in Italy. Was founded 23rd May 1904 at Prosecco in Trieste province.
In the 80’s began the development of the music activity and became a real wind orchestra, it enlarged the repertory and in addition to the traditional polkas and marches were added film soundtracks, original pieces for wind bands and transcriptions of famous songs.
The Complesso bandistico Prosek participated in several regional and national music contests with good results as the Concorso Nazionale Bandistico Sloveno, the Concorso Bandistico Internazionale del Friuli Venezia Giulia and the Concorso Bandistico Internazionale Flicorno d’oro. The bad has his music activity in Italy and in Slovenia, but participate also in many international music meetings (Praga, Vienna, Salisburgo, Zagabria, San Marino, Francia, Puglia).
The Complesso bandistico Prosek is part of the cultural activity of its territory: collaborates with other local cultural associations and is present at the main celebrations, organizes the musical evenings in summer called ‘Suonare assieme a Prosecco’ – ‘Playing together in Prosecco’, has published two books about its history (in 1994 and in 2004) and 2 CDs: »Melodije« in 1999 and »Na odru« (On the stage) in 2009.
In the Music School of the Complesso bandistico Prosek are present other music activities, the Youth Orchestra and the music lessons classes for young (from 4 to 7 years).
The Complesso bandistico is directed by the maestro Ivo Bašič.