Imf Genova

VIII Edition July 12th - 15th 2018

Copenhagen Showband


Denmark - Copenhagen

25 young musicians who really love to perform and entertain with hit music. A unique and compelling show that make both young and old dance and smile. Add the six talented showdancers to the mix, and you have a truly engaging experience. With Copenhagen Showband you don’t just listen to music – you see and feel the music!

Copenhagen Showband is a very popular party band in Denmark and plays to all kinds of celebrations and festivals, from small private parties to huge international events. Among the clients the last few years are the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the European Handball Championship, the Danish Parliament and Roskilde Festival (the biggest rock festival in Northern Europe).

Follow the Copenhagen Showband on Facebook where you will find all the newest pictures and videos of the band performing. But remember – the videos are only a pale presentation of the show, compared to the live experience, with the music coming from all around you. As a student of Roskilde University wrote in a comment on Youtube, after Copenhagen Showband played at a party there: ”Video doesn’t do these guys justice. You gotta see them live – that’s amazing.”