Imf Genova

VIII Edition July 12th - 15th 2018

Corpo Bandistico Città di Rapallo


Italia – Rapallo, Genova

The Corpo Bandistico Città di Rapallo was born in 1845, under the name of “Compagnia Filarmonica Città di Rapallo” and is one of the oldest musical associations of Liguria.
Newborn was immediately able to get fame in front of their home crowd and of other major cities participating and winning numerous competitions in Italy.
Over the years the name has changed often due to historical and cultural reasons until 1986 when it was given its current name.
Despite the old tradition, today the band is formed mostly by young (the average age is between 22 and 23 years old) thanks to hard and constant work of the School of Music where the professors are graduates and grown inside the group.