Imf Genova

VIII Edition July 12th - 15th 2018

Fanfare Municipale de Meinier


Switzerland - Meinier

It is in February 1970 that about twenty musicians of the Military Band of the Regiment 3 wanted to meet to play music in a non-military and especially without uniform!

Bernard de Siebenthal and Félix Weber, who had already given private lessons to Meinier since 1968, and Michel Debonneville, a professional musician at the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, knew that the deputy mayor of the time, Henri Danel, wanted to create a band in Meinier. It did not take long to organize the constituent meeting in March 1970. It was chaired by Georges Girod, then mayor, and brings together the twenty musicians of the Regiment 3 and a dozen musicians from the village responding to the invitation of an all-household.

The Meinier Band is officially born in March 1970.

The musicians began to meet once a week, on Thursday evening, and very often ended the evening at the restaurant “La Siesta” around a good pizza, discuss flats, sharps and remake the world.Regularly additional musicians came to swell the ranks of our beloved Fanfare.

It 1977 the Brass Band created its School of Music, and it was thanks to the work of the teachers and directors of the FMM music school that young musicians came to swell the ranks of our ensemble.
The band has kept all the ardor of its beginnings. The youth of its members and the dynamism of its leaders have allowed our band to reach an excellent musical level while keeping this young spirit that earned him the nickname “terrible child” in the Fédération des Musiques Genevoises de Campagnes.

Whether it is the countless concerts offered to the population or the good mood and atmosphere it radiates, our Fanfare is appreciated far beyond the borders of the Commune.
Thus, nine Presidents and four Directors followed one another, leaving the current presidency to Pierre-André Loizeau and the music direction to Raphaël Hugon.