Imf Genova

VIII Edition July 12th - 15th 2018



Italia – Torino

This group was founded in 1990 as the official Representative of the National Majorettes Groups Coordination, from 2011 Italian Federation of Majorettes groups, defined over time, even the “Club of Capitane ” because it consists of the Capitane and Vice Capitane Groups and federated ” Turinstars Majorettes ” because it formed in Turin, where was born and the headquarters of the Federation , has always been considered to all intents and purposes the italin Majorettes “national”.
Set on the model of traditional American Majorettes Corps, consists of 24 senior majorettes, all captains, vice captains and soloists of the Federated Clubs and SFLA with musical bands and marching military bands.
Its prestige comes from being the symbol of FIGM , the organization that represents Italy in the traditional Majorettes, the athletes-artists who practice the sport of twirling as a sport-entertainment related to the Band and, as such, is part of Ministerial Popular Music and for being the star of the great events of national and international institutions such as the Tour of Italy, Viareggio Carnival, the World Cross, World Championships Sport Fishing, International University Championships in Athletics, the Torino 2006 Winter Olympics, the world Music Bands Rally for the National Day of the Netherlands, the twinning Turin Chambery in France, the Olympics of the Masters 2013, the European Music Festival, the Celebration of the 150th anniversary of d ‘ Italy in Rome and Turin, the International Gathering of Bands Giulianova, the International Music Festival in Genoa in which he participated from different editions.
It also participated in popular television programs such as “Giochi senza frontiere” and Notte di Fiaba alla Rai, and ” Paperissima ” and “Uno contro 100 ” on Canale 5. It Has opened the official events and it’s testimonial of ” Turin , European Capital of Sports 2015 “.